Realtor Testimonials

When I first met Elisa with Transform Real Estate I was a little skeptical. I have come across many investors in my career and she is the first one that I enjoyed working with. She is extremely knowledgeable with how Real Estate sales work and goes above and beyond with her assistance in making sure her properties look great. I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to turn over her property. I would highly recommend her and Transform Real Estate.
— Matt Tenczar, Alain Pinel Realtors, DRE #01147849
I have had the pleasure to work with Elisa on multiple occasions and my experiences with her have been wonderful. Transform Real Estate provides a wonderful service to sellers, buyers, the neighborhood and the community as a whole. Transform Real Estate makes my job look easy having a beautiful property to sell that appeals to almost every home buyer. I always look forward to working with Elisa. It is such a breath of fresh air.
— Jason Muth, Sereno Group, DRE #01159966
I ran into Elisa and Transform Real Estate at a listing I had in Cambrian Park in 2016. She was interested in this home because it would qualify as what we call a fixer upper - a home that could be renovated and resold. While she did not buy this home she stayed in touch with me and her professional and kind demeanor impressed me.

A year after, being the pro-active individual that she is, she called me to find out if I had anything coming up that might work for her. In fact, I did. She purchased a fixer upper in Santa Clara. Again, she was very professional in all her dealings. She performed with the contract and closed on time without issue. She then renovated that home and re-listed with Julie and I as promised. The timing was a bit of a challenge for us as the listing agents because we were in Italy for 3 weeks while it was marketed. She never doubted our ability to handle it from afar and we successfully had it held open and negotiated an offer and closed it. I think anyone else may have not understood how this could have been handled, but she totally did and did not waiver.

Personally, I’ve been selling real estate for 28 years and the highest compliment I can give to her is to say, I’d love to work with her and Transform Real Estate again.
— Don & Julie Tornincasa, Sereno Group, DRE # 01041285, DRE #01788808
I had the pleasure of working with Elisa Covington/Transform Real Estate Investments on a transaction this past year, both on the buying and reselling of a property. Elisa was fair and realistic with her offer price, understanding what it takes to properly flip a home. She was quick to respond with all needed documents and professional to work with. The rehabilitation of the property was done quickly, with quality materials and proper permitting. When we relisted the home, she was reasonable with her expectations on pricing and commissions. My transaction went smoothly on both the buying and selling side. I have great respect for Elisa’s honesty and integrity while working with a number of different agents. She gives the deal to the first agent who presents the offer to her and is upfront if she has already seen the properties you send. I would happily refer her to other agents as a quality investor to work with.
— Susie Hamilton, Coldwell Banker, DRE # 01977768

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